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Applications of Our Peony Products

Explore our premium peony products for a range of applications, including parks, botanical gardens, research institutions, and villas. Click to discover more.
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Tree Peony's Versatile Applications

Explore the diverse applications of tree peonies. From parks and research institutions to villas and farms, discover how these beautiful and versatile plants can enhance various environments.

Application Case

This is our CEO Mr. Zhao communicating with a German customer on tree peony planting issues.
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These are the photos taken when our foreign customers were invited to visit the Peony Garden.
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Choosing appropriate plants for careful design and planting around the villa can add natural beauty to the entire environment. Peonies, as one of the traditional and luxurious flowers, create an elegant and pleasant garden for the villa.
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Planting peonies in the courtyard can add a strong cultural atmosphere to your home and create a pleasant flower environment.First, choosing the right breed is key. There are many varieties of peonies, including single petals, double petals, arbor type, dwarf type, etc.
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We are proud to have a professional peony research team, who study day and night and carefully record the growth trajectory of each peony.
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Welcome to our 2,000-acre peony nursery base. This magnificent and magnificent sea of flowers is located on a land of beautiful natural scenery. It is a flower resort integrating peony gardening, cultural heritage and eco-tourism.
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This application scenario is a domestic peony planting project our company undertook in 2006 - Changchun Botanical Garden.Changchun Botanical Garden is committed to displaying and protecting rich plant diversity while promoting traditional Chinese floral culture.
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Peonies have become a beautiful scenery in the park with their unique colors and patterns. Various peony flowers, such as red, white, yellow, etc., enrich the color of the park and bring visual pleasure and good mood to tourists.
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