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Our Scientific Researchers Record The Growth of Peonies in The Field

We are proud to have a professional peony research team, who study day and night and carefully record the growth trajectory of each peony. This team is committed to in-depth understanding of the ecological habits, growth needs and cultivation of new varieties of peonies, and contributes to the protection and development of traditional Chinese flower culture.

Peony research team

Peony research work2

Scientific researchers often travel among the sea of peonies and personally engage in field research. They carefully observed the growth status of each peony and recorded key information such as plant height, flower color, and flowering period to establish a comprehensive and accurate growth file.

We will also use professional equipment to conduct real-time monitoring of the ecological environment of the base, including soil quality, humidity, light intensity and other factors.

Peony research work1

Scientific researchers also share their research results with peers and the public through professional academic papers and reports. This not only helps promote academic exchanges, but also provides practical planting techniques and experience, promoting the development of the peony industry.

Behind every blooming peony, there is the silent dedication of scientific researchers, injecting more charm into the brilliant blooming of this sea of flowers.

Peony research work3

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