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The Beautiful Tree Peonies in The Park

The Beautiful Tree Peonies in The Park

Why tree peonies are suitable for planting in parks?High ornamental value:

Tree peonies have become highly ornamental plants due to their tall plants, bright flowers, and strong fragrance.

The flowers are large and diverse in color, which can create a unique visual effect and attract people's attention.

With a long flowering period and a large number of flowers, some varieties can even bloom up to 800, creating a spectacular scene of blooming flowers, greatly enhancing the ornamental value of the garden landscape.

Good ecological benefits:

As a part of the landscape of garden plants, tree peonies can beautify the environment, improve air quality, and provide ecological services.

Lush branches and bright flowers can increase air humidity, reduce noise and dust pollution, and improve the quality of people's living environment.

Strong adaptability:

Tree peonies have extremely strong stress resistance and can withstand temperatures as low as minus 43 degrees Celsius, adapting to cold and arid climate conditions.

It can survive and grow well in various soil types, with no strict requirements for soil, and can grow within the pH range of 6.2-8.3.

In the area north of the Yangtze River in China to Heilongjiang Province, which is south of latitude 52 degrees north, most varieties can grow in the open winter.

Rich cultural connotations:

Tree peonies have been regarded as the "flower of wealth" and "auspicious flower" since ancient times, with the meaning of wealth and auspiciousness.

Planting trees and peonies in the courtyard not only enhances the ornamental value of the landscape, but also conveys profound cultural connotations.

Easy to maintain:

Tree peonies originate from wild varieties and have more primitive genes, with strong vitality.

When planting, as long as the basic water requirements are met to allow it to take root and survive, it can resist drought and grow, reducing dependence on water resources

and maintenance costs.

tree peony in the park

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