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Application of Peony

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-17      Origin: Site

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Application of Peony

1. Appreciation

The cultivation and research of peonies are becoming increasingly prosperous, and the variety is also becoming more and more diverse. There are more than 500 varieties produced in China, and the image of peonies is also widely used in traditional art, embroidery, painting, carving, and printing.

8 Single-pole Big Tree Peony_1892_1892

2. Taste

Peony flowers are edible, and in many regions of China, peony flower petals are used for making peony soup or pairing with famous dishes. Peony flower petals can also be used for steaming wine to make peony dew wine, which has a fragrant and mellow taste.


3. Medicinal use

The medicinal planting varieties of peonies are monotonous, and the flowers are mostly white. Using root bark as medicine, also known as peony bark, also known as danpi, powder danpi, is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for cooling blood and removing blood stasis.


4.Cultural significance:

Peony has an important position in Chinese culture and is regarded as a symbol of elegance, purity and good luck. Many people are extremely fond of peony, taking peony as a symbol of happiness, beauty and prosperity, and there are often poems and beautiful paintings based on peony.


5.Economic value: Apart from its aesthetic appeal,peony also boasts considerable economic worth.For example,peony seeds can be pressed for oil while both the root bark and petals find application in pharmaceuticals and food industry.Moreover,the extraction of aromatic oils from peonies finds usage in high-end cosmetics manufacturing.


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