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Are Peonies National Flowers in China?

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Are Peonies National Flowers in China?

National flower refers to the flower used by a country as a symbol of its own country. It is a country's complete territory, a long history and a splendid cultural essence such as Japanese cherry blossoms, British red roses, German cornflowers, Canadian maples, etc.


On July 15, 2019, the China Flower Association issued a vote: the national flower in my heart, asking the public for the intention of the Chinese national flower. The general public paid great attention to the national flower and actively participated. As of 24:00 on July 22, 2019, the total number of votes was 362,264. The result of the vote was Peony, which was 79.71%. Next,we introduced the highest voting peony and the standard of national flower judgment.


Peony is the most popular flower of China. Since ancient times, peony has been given the meaning of wealth, prosperity and prosperity. Peony is a perennial deciduous shrub with slow growth rate and small plant type. It is a unique woody and precious flower in China. It is beautiful and colorful, rich and dignified, and has many varieties.


Are Peonies National Flowers in China?

Peony is most famous for its Luoyang peony. The peony is rich in color, and the Luoyang peony flowers are large and varied. There are 9 large colors, 10 patterns and more than 1000 varieties of red, white, pink, yellow, purple, blue, green, black and complex colors. There are many types, which can be classified according to plant type, bud type, branching habit, flower color, flowering period and flower type. peony can be planted in more than 300 varieties in temperate, cold and subtropical regions, as well as more than 100 varieties in Japan, the United States, and France.


The peony not only has the characteristics of large flower, beautiful shape, bright color and rich fragrance, but also has high ornamental and medicinal value. The peony is also a treasure, and the flowers, seeds, roots and powders all have high economic value. Its root processing is the precious Chinese herbal medicine "Danpi", which has the effect of dispersing blood, clearing blood, and blood, relieving pain and dysmenorrhea. It can also lower blood pressure, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Long-term use can prolong life. Flower species can also be oiled. The petals can also be eaten, and the taste is delicious.


From the above introduction of peony, we probably know that the judgment criteria of the national flower are based on several criteria.


The first is a wide distribution. Any kind of plant has its own requirements for climate, temperature, soil, etc. The national flower cultivation has a long history, strong adaptability, wide distribution and rich variety resources. The flower that can best adapt to these factors also represents the tenacious vitality and universality of flowers.


Are Peonies National Flowers in China?

The second is "beautiful appearance." The beautiful appearance represents the spiritual outlook of a country. When the world sees peony, it will think that China is a big country with a history of 5,000 years and is now booming. It can also reflect the excellent traditional culture and personality traits of the Chinese nation.

The third is "have profound cultural connotations." The cultural connotation of flowers is given by people.The national flower culture has a profound foundation and is popular with the masses of the people. National Flower represents the intention of the people.


The last is "having a certain economic value." Flowers are not just for viewing, but more for its function. National flower should be widely used, and it has high ecological, economic and social benefits.


What is the national flower of your country? Is there any profound meaning?

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