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How Do You Get Rid of Bugs on Peonies?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-06      Origin: Site

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How Do You Get Rid of Bugs on Peonies?

Paeonia rockii is an important flower variety specially produced in Gansu Province. It is a wonderful flower in the big family of Chinese peony. It is named for its large purple patches on the base of petals and is a national third-class protected plant. It is characterized by tall plants, colorful flowers, fragrant smell and early cold resistance. In recent years, the cultivation area of paeonia rockii has been expanding year by year, and the harm of pests and diseases has also shown an upward trend. Peony damaged by pests and diseases will lose its ornamental and economic value, so pest control has become a key link in the production of rock’s peony. According to our investigation and research, there are about 28 kinds of pest diseases and 19 kinds of pests in Gansu Province. Now let's take a look at pest control methods of paeonia rockii.


The first is heat damage. This is most reflected in the leaves, especially in summer. If the temperature is kept at about 36for a long time, the soil water content will decrease gradually. When the supply is not timely, the first response is to face the sun directly on the leaves, and then start slowly to different parts of the transfer, serious time will directly affect the growth of peony. So we can prevent this disease. When planting paeonia rockii, we should consider it well. We choose to plant in shady places. Or we can replenish water and increase fertilizer in time in hot weather to ensure that peony has enough nutrients in the process of growth.


The second is root-knot nematode disease. This is caused by the root system of peony. Its main manifestation is that there are many different size and diameter lumps in the root of paeonia rockii. It was yellow and white at the beginning, but gradually turned brown at the later stage. If not treated in time at this time, these brown things will directly affect the growth of peony, rot its roots, and eventually cause death. The prevention of this disease requires that we do a good job of soil testing in the early stage. We should strengthen cultivation management and timely weeding and fertilization. These methods can increase the resistance of paeonia rockii, and then play a role in preventing diseases.


Crop planting will inevitably suffer from pests and diseases. Peony diseases and insect pests greatly affect the ornamental value of peony. The later period also has a deep impact on the yield and longevity of peony. Therefore, when planting purple peony, we should know more about their living habits and characteristics. The pests and diseases mentioned above are only a part. We can pay more attention to the prevention and control of pests and diseases and take effective measures. Whats more, integrated pest control should be adopted for paeonia rockii. We should observe more according to the local conditions. It is the best way to prescribe the right medicine. Of course, the most critical thing is the precaution. If we are properly protected, there will be no such concerns.

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