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paeonia rockii

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  • How To Maintain And Manage Trees Peonies After Transplanting in Spring?


    How to maintain and manage trees and peonies after transplanting in spring?Tree peonies are very suitable for outdoor planting in parks/botanical gardens/tourist attractions/roads/communities/villa courtyards. Transplanted tree peonies will grow vigorously in a well ventilated and well lit environme Read More
  • Why Is Tree Peony A Good Planting Choice in Cold Areas?


    Strong cold resistance: Tree peonies have strong cold resistance and can grow and bloom normally even in low temperature environments. This makes it very suitable for planting in cold regions, even in areas with longer winters and lower temperatures, to showcase its unique charm.High ornamental valu Read More
  • Do You Know What Other Flower Types Peonies Have Besides Single And Double Petals?


    In addition to the commonly known single and double petals, there are actually several other types of peony flowers.1. Single petal typeSingle petal peony is the most primitive peony flower type, and single petal peonies are not only one petal, but often have 2-3 petals, with 10-15 petals of similar Read More
  • Why Can Our Tree Peonies still Be Transplanted in April?


    Tomorrow is China's Qingming Festival, and we can see that the peonies in Luoyang have already bloomed first. It is generally not recommended to transplant peonies that have already bloomed, but why can our tree peonies still be transplanted in April?Firstly, because our park is located in northwest Read More
  • How To Plant Tree Peonies in Parks And Botanical Gardens?


    How to plant tree peonies in parks and botanical gardens?The combination planting of tree peonies in parks and botanical gardens requires full consideration of their growth characteristics, ornamental effects, and relationship with other plants. Here are some suggestions:Single variety large-scale p Read More
  • Why Tree Peonies Are Suitable for Planting in Parks And Botanical Gardens


    High ornamental value: Peony is known as the "king of flowers", with large and beautiful flowers, rich colors, and extremely high ornamental value. Planting peonies in parks and botanical gardens can attract a large number of tourists to come and admire, increasing the attractiveness of scenic spots Read More
  • What Is The Difference between Single Peony And Common Peony?


    From the perspective of cultivation methods and morphological characteristics, single stemmed peonies have a very obvious main stem, with branches extending about 1 meter from the ground. These branches tightly surround the main stem, forming a unique shape. This cultivation method makes the overall Read More
  • Tree Peonies Sent To The United States!


    Tree peonies sent to the United States! Read More
  • Do You Know How To Distinguish between Tree Paenoia And Peonies


    Paeonia and peony both belong to the family Ranunculaceae and the genus Paeonia. In ancient times, peonies and peonies were indistinguishable. Later on, there was a saying for woody peonies and herbaceous peonies. Later on, woody peonies became peonies, and herbaceous peonies are what we now call pe Read More
  • ​Do You Know How To Plant Tree Peony Root?


    Prepare soil: Peony prefers to grow in loose, fertile, and breathable sandy soil, and cannot grow in sticky soil. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such soil and carry out appropriate sorting.Pruning and disinfection: Newly purchased peony roots cannot be directly planted and need to be pruned an Read More
  • Tree Peony Care - Spring Planting


    Spring transplanting of peonies is not the best choice, but if it is indeed necessary to do so in spring, the following are some suggestions and precautions:Transplantation time: Choose the early spring stage, when the peony has not yet begun to grow vigorously, and the damage caused by transplantat Read More
  • Tree Peony Care - Preventing Late Spring Cold


    To prevent peonies from being harmed by the cold of late spring, the following measures can be taken:Building wind barriers: Setting up wind barriers around peony gardens or planting areas can effectively reduce the degree of frost damage. The height and effective protection distance of wind barrier Read More
  • Tree Peony Care-Sprouting


    The precautions for peony germination mainly include the following points:Maintain light: After peonies sprout in spring, it is important to ensure sufficient light. Appropriate lighting is beneficial for photosynthesis to synthesize nutrients, promote new branch germination, and facilitate later fl Read More
  • How To Make Cut Peony Flowers


    1.Choose healthy, pest free peony plants as cut flower materials.2.Cut peony branches in the right season (such as spring or autumn), cut as close as possible to the stem, leaving part of the stem, so that the cut flowers can absorb water.3.Put the flower branches into the water, remove the excess l Read More
  • The Cultural Background of Chinese Peony


    The cultural background of peony can be traced back to thousands of years ago, and it has a profound influence on Chinese culture.As China's national flower, peony is regarded as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, nobleness and beauty, and also represents the indomitable spirit. The origin of peony cul Read More
  • The Design Idea of Peony Garden


    The design of peony garden needs to consider many aspects, including but not limited to the following: 1.Location selection: choose a high, dry, sunny and well-drained place to plant peony, and consider setting up suitable viewing points. 2.Soil improvement: peony likes fertile, loose, well-drained Read More
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