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How Should Tree Peonies Be Watered in Summer?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-07-05      Origin: Site

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How should tree peonies be watered in summer?

Outdoor tree peonies require special attention to watering management in summer to ensure their healthy growth. Here are some suggestions for watering outdoor peonies in summer:

1、 Watering principle

Follow the principle of "seeing dry and seeing wet", that is, water the soil surface slightly dry before watering to avoid waterlogging causing root rot. Due to the high temperature in summer, water evaporates quickly and the soil is prone to drying. Therefore, watering should be increased in moderation, but excessive watering should also be avoided.

2、 Watering time

The best watering time: choose to water in the morning or evening. The temperature during these two periods is relatively low, and the evaporation of water is slow, which is beneficial for trees and peonies to fully absorb water. Avoid watering during the high temperature period at noon to prevent damage to the roots caused by excessive water temperature.

3、 Watering amount

The amount of water to be watered each time should be moderate, determined based on the growth status of trees and peonies and soil moisture. Generally speaking, the soil should be kept moist but not too wet to avoid standing water. Watering can be determined by observing soil color, touching soil moisture, or using a soil hygrometer.

4、 Watering method

Watering method: Use a water pipe or spray can to evenly wet the soil, ensuring that water can penetrate deep into the soil. This method is suitable for large-scale planting of trees and peonies.

Drip irrigation or micro spray irrigation: If conditions permit, drip irrigation or micro spray irrigation systems can be used for watering, which can ensure even distribution of water and save water.

5、 Special situation handling

Dry weather: In dry seasons or windy weather, the water in the soil is prone to evaporation. At this time, watering should be increased to ensure that trees and peonies have sufficient water supply.

Rainy weather: When there is a lot of rain in summer, attention should be paid to timely drainage to prevent root rot caused by accumulated water. After rain, the soil can be loosened appropriately to improve soil permeability.

6、 Other precautions

Avoid foliar spraying: Although sometimes water can be sprayed on the leaves to increase air humidity, direct spraying on the leaves should be avoided during high temperature periods in summer to prevent water droplets from accumulating and causing blade burns.

Combined fertilization: Summer is the growing season for tree peonies and also a good time for fertilization. Fertilization can be combined with watering to promote the growth and flowering of tree peonies. But it is important to pay attention to the appropriate amount of fertilization to avoid excessive fertilization causing fertilizer damage.

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