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How To Maintain And Manage Trees Peonies After Transplanting in Spring?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-17      Origin: Site

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How to maintain and manage tree peonies after transplanting in spring?

Tree peonies are very suitable for outdoor planting in parks/botanical gardens/tourist attractions/roads/communities/villa courtyards. Transplanted tree peonies will grow vigorously in a well ventilated and well lit environment! After transplanting and planting, many people do not know how to maintain and manage it? Regarding the maintenance and management of tree peonies in spring, I would like to share with you from six aspects:

1、 Watering of Tree Peony:

The climate in spring is dry, and newly transplanted trees and peonies, like patients who have just undergone surgery, require sufficient nutrition! To promote its vigorous growth, it is necessary to water it in a timely manner and control the water content to maintain the soil moisture content at 50%; The first water in spring, it is best to irrigate one week before the land thaws (different seasons in the north and south).

2: Pruning of Tree Peony

Spring is also a good time for pruning trees and peonies. Pruning can remove diseased, weak, crossed, and overlapping branches, keeping the plant plump and symmetrical, reducing nutrient consumption, and promoting the flowering and growth of tree peonies. Trimming should be carried out on sunny days to avoid wet and rotten wounds caused by rainy weather.

3、 Pulling branch shape:

Trees in the northern and southern regions start to sprout at different times. Generally, after the 15th day of the first lunar month, some dry branches on the tree peony are pruned, and newly transplanted large trees are pruned with weak branches to retain the main branches that form the crown; And it can also shape the branches of tree peonies, creating the "bone beauty" of tree peonies.

4、 Fertilization and sterilization:

1. Before the tree peony sprouts, choose farm manure or organic fertilizer to fertilize the base of the tree peony;

2. When the leaves of tree peony begin to grow, foliar fertilizer can be sprayed twice.

3. Before the plant buds bloom, some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied to promote the flowers to bloom larger and more brightly.

5、 Basal foot buds: The base of the tree peony grows 2-3 times a year, and these should be cleaned and removed in a timely manner!

6、 Blossom branches and sparse buds:

When the plant grows and forms flower buds, when the buds have already shown a faint color, some weak growing buds should be selected from the densely packed ones to be pruned.

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When transplanting and planting big trees and peonies in spring: from March 1st to April 15th every year; The flowering season is between May 16th and June 5th.


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