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How To Match The Planting of Variety Seedlings And Single Stem Tree Peonies?

Author: Zhongchuan Peony     Publish Time: 2024-06-27      Origin: Site

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How to match the planting of variety seedlings and single stem tree peonies?

The combination planting of variety seedlings and single stem tree peonies mainly needs to consider the ornamental effect of both and the spatial layout between them. Here are some suggestions:

Matching of viewing effects:

The single tree peony can become the visual focus in gardens due to its unique tree shape and flower color. When pairing, it is possible to consider planting single tree peonies in prominent locations, such as courtyard entrances, corners, etc., to attract attention.

Variety seedlings can be used as accompaniments or embellishments, planted around or in the distance of single tree peonies, forming a sense of hierarchy and contrast. For example, variety seedlings can be planted on the side of a single tree peony, using their canopy to form a natural shade and background.

In addition, we can choose peony varieties with early and late flowering periods to extend the ornamental flowering period, and we can also choose to plant other flowers and plants to match, such as peony

Space layout planning:

When planting in combination, sufficient space needs to be reserved for both to grow. The crown of a single tree peony is relatively large and requires a certain amount of space to showcase its form and color; And variety seedlings also require a certain amount of space for growth and development.

At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the root system relationship between the two and avoid mutual interference. If possible, a certain isolation zone can be set between the two or different markings can be used to distinguish their root range.

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