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How To Match The Timing of The Flowering Season When Setting Up Scenery in A Park Or Botanical Garden

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-02      Origin: Site

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Our tree peonies are starting to sprout! Because we are located in the northwest of China with a cold climate, our peonies sprout relatively late, and different varieties of peonies have different flowering periods, divided into early flowers, middle flowers, and late flowers. In parks and botanical gardens, the greening design time can be matched according to the morning and evening of the flowering period to extend the entire viewing period and create a richer visual experience. Here are some suggestions:


Firstly, within the same peony variety group, it is possible to try planting early, medium, and late flowering peony varieties in different zones. There are many varieties of medium flowers, which can be concentrated and mixed together, or varieties with similar flowering periods can be mixed together according to flower color communities. This can create a beautiful scene of alternating flowering, allowing different flowers to bloom at different times and prolonging the overall viewing period.

Secondly, in the overall layout, late flowering varieties can account for about 1/3 of the proportion, and early flowering varieties can also account for about 1/4 of the proportion. This can ensure that early flowering varieties bloom first and late flowering varieties bloom later, making the entire viewing period more evenly distributed.

In addition, it is possible to consider introducing different varieties of peonies, such as tree peonies, Japanese peony varieties, and a small number of European and American peony varieties. The flowering period of these different varieties of peonies may vary, and through reasonable combinations, the viewing period of the entire peony garden can be further extended. In China, when paired with peonies, it is usually accompanied by planting some dahlias or peonies to prolong the flowering period and enhance the visual experience

During the planting process, attention should also be paid to the planting techniques and maintenance methods of peonies. Peony prefers loose, fertile, and well drained sandy soil. When planting, it is recommended to choose a place with a leeward and sunny direction that is not prone to water accumulation. Fertilization is also crucial. Peony requires more fertilizer, but after planting, concentrated fertilizer should not be applied, only thin liquid fertilizer should be applied. Fertilization should be applied in a timely manner before and after flowering to supplement nutrients.


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