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How to Propagate Rock’s Peony?

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How to Propagate Rock’s Peony?

Rocks peonyis one of the branches of peony. Rock’s peony, also known as Gansu peony, is distributed in northern Sichuan, southern Gansu and southern Shanxi.



Timely collection of seeds is the key to the reproduction of seeding. In Yingkou, most peonies mature in mid-august. According to the differences of phenology and varieties, it will be the right time to collect the article when the abdominal suture is cracked and the article is yellow and dry. Until then, the seeds are converted from crab yellow to brown. However, it will be too late to collect the seeds if the seeds are dry and black. The collected pods should be dried in a cool and ventilated place, and the seeds should be turned over 2 ~ 3 times to prevent mildew and avoid over-much exposure to the sunlight. During the period of drying seeds, the seeds will disperse through the cracks continually. If the collection time is suitable, the scattered pods will be dried for 7 to 10 days.


How to Propagate Rock’s Peony?


The moisture of soil should be maintained by means of intertillage, weeding, watering and fertilization to facilitate the growth of seedlings. In summer days when the temperature exceeds 30℃, the seedlings can be appropriate shade. At the end of autumn, 1-year-old seedlings will be 5 ~ 10cm high and form1 ~ 3 small leaves and have root system of 10 ~ 15cm long with prominent taproots. Seedlings are generally left in nursery after 2 years of growth. Additionally, the seedlings can be transplanted in late autumn or early spring of the third year. Moreover, after the seedlings are dug out, they are graded according to the size of the root system, and then they are transplanted to the cultivation field according to different spacing of planting. The planting density can be determined according to the purpose of cultivation of seedlings. What’s more, the general spacing of row can be 50 ~ 70cm and the plant distance is between 10 and 30cm. In the second year after transplantation, some of the seedlings of 4 years old will begin to bloom, and most of the seedlings of 5 years old will also begin to bloom. If the management in cultivation is improper, flowering can also be delayed 1 ~ 2 years.


How to Propagate Rock’s Peony?


Layering is the process of burying the branches or wrapping them in moist material to encourage them to take root and separate from maternal plants. Finally, they will separate to form new plants. This method is simple, economical and reliable. Although the reproduction coefficient is low, it is not suitable for mass production of seedlings, and it is the most practical method for amateur growers. And it is especially useful for the reproduction of rare and precious varieties.



Grafting can be a good way to keep the good traits of varieties, and the reproduction coefficient of this method is pretty high. Because of the advantages, it has been the main method of peonyreproduction in ancient times and it is till wide used in modern society. The methods of grafting of rock’s peony can be divided into root grafting, branch grafting and bud grafting.

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