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Preparation Work before Transplanting Tree Peonies

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-17      Origin: Site

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Preparation Work before Transplanting Tree Peonies

The preparation work before transplanting tree peonies can be summarized as the following main steps and points:

Accurate selection time:

The best transplanting tree peony time is before autumn and winter, or before the growth of plants and animals in early spring, which can reduce the impact on the growth of tree peonies.

Soil preparation:

Choose a well lit and well drained plot as the new planting site.

The soil should be loose and fertile, with a slightly acidic pH value.

Apply sufficient base fertilizer in advance, and add an appropriate amount of decomposed leaf soil, river sand, or decomposed organic fertilizer to improve the soil.

Root treatment:

Before transplanting, water the soil thoroughly to make it moist and easy to excavate.

During excavation, try to maintain the integrity of the root system, especially the main and fibrous roots, and avoid root breakage as much as possible.

After excavation, remove some of the soil, trim the damaged roots appropriately, and then apply healing agents.

If peonies have been growing for many years, their roots may become entangled and require gentle hand separation of the root balls.

Treatment of peony roots before transplantation:

Let the peony roots air dry for 1-2 days to soften and facilitate planting.

Cut off dead branches and excessively long roots, apply charcoal or disinfect the wound with a 1% copper sulfate solution (about 5 minutes) to prevent infection with pathogens.

Other precautions:

Dig a larger pit 1-3 days before transplanting tree peonies.

When transplanting, the roots should be straightened, and then the soil should be filled in layers and compacted by hand to ensure a close connection between the roots and the soil.

Cover the soil to the root neck, compact it, and leave about 3 centimeters on top.

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