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What Measures Should We Take To Protect Tree Peonies From The Sun?

Author: Zhongchuan Peony     Publish Time: 2024-07-03      Origin: Site

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What measures should we take to protect tree peonies from the sun?

As we know, tree peonies are more afraid of direct sunlight. So, in the hot summer, what measures should we take to protect them from the sun?

1.Shading treatment

Tree peony shading: If conditions permit, tall trees can be planted around the ground planted tree peonies, using their branches and leaves to provide natural shade for the peonies.

Building shading nets: For ground planted peonies that cannot be naturally shaded, shading nets can be set up for sun protection. Similarly, the shading rate of the shading net should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

2. Adjusting lighting time

Avoid strong sunlight at noon: When the temperature is above 32 degrees Celsius, peonies should be considered for sun protection. Potted peonies can be moved to semi shaded or cool and ventilated areas for maintenance, avoiding strong sunlight at noon. Planting peonies on the ground can be done by pulling a shading net to prevent strong light exposure during the period from 10am to 5pm.

Low light in the morning and evening: While sun protection, it is also important to ensure that peonies can receive low light exposure in the morning and evening to promote their photosynthesis and nutrient accumulation.

3. Other precautions

Observation and adjustment: During the sun protection process, it is important to closely observe the growth of peonies. If any sun damage or wilting is found on the leaves, timely adjustments should be made to shading measures and watering frequency.

Ventilation and breathability: While providing shade, it is also important to ensure that the growth environment of peonies is well ventilated and ventilated to avoid the occurrence of diseases and pests caused by high temperature and humidity.

Avoid waterlogging: Although sun protection is important, it is also important to avoid excessive watering that can cause waterlogging in the potted soil or waterlogging in the roots of planted peonies. Watering should be done reasonably based on weather conditions and soil moisture.


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