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How Oil Peony Related to Sustainable Development?

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How Oil Peony Related to Sustainable Development?

Oil peony industry is developing in full swing. Withoil peony as raw material, more than 100 kinds of high-grade edible oil, health care products and skin care products can be processed.


How Oil Peony Related to Sustainable Development?

1. Oil Peony Industry and Conversion of Farmland to Forestry

The project of returning farmland to forestry in China has been implemented since 1999. The project funds invested by the central government alone exceed 430 billion yuan. So far, China has the strongest policy in the world, the largest amount of investment, the broadest scope of involvement, the highest degree of public participation in an ecological construction project, and the largest ecological project of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers. Above 25 degrees of steep slope farmland, sandy area and mountainous area are the main battlefield of the project of returning farmland to forestry. They are also suitable areas for oil peony. Oil peony can be used as one of the preferred tree species for the project of returning farmland to forestry in China.


Therefore, the large-scale promotion of planting oil peony in converting farmland to forestry can not only meet the national goals, but also meet the needs of farmers. The combination of China's conversion of farmland to forestry project and China's oil peony is the most scientific and reasonable way. If we persevere in the project, we can really achieve the goal of benefiting the country, the people, the society, enterprises and individuals. It plays an important role and significance in realizing the goal of returning farmland to forestry and consolidating the achievements of returning farmland to forestry.



2. Oil Peony Industry and Sustainable Development

Oil peony has a long life cycle, one year planting and many years' income; it has strong resistance and wide adaptability, and can be popularized in large areas throughout the country; it has low investment, high income and convenient management, which conforms to the development level of productivity and farmers' technical level in vast areas, especially in poor areas. This sustainable, scalable and replicable feature laid the foundation for the sustainable development of oil peony industry.



3. Oil Peony Industry and Foreign Exchange earned by Export

Because of its good health care effect, oil-related peony products are not only popular with consumers in the domestic market, but also have a strong competitiveness in the international market, and have the ability to become another important industry of export earning foreign exchange in China.


At present, the export of oil-related peony products is lack of scientific and authentic data that can make the people of the country and the world credible, and lack of publicity. At least most people in China do not know that peony can also produce deep-processed products such as oil, wine, skin care products, flower tea and so on, let alone consumers in other countries and regions. This is also the main direction of export work in the future. The disregard of structural reforms on the supply side and the implementation of the "one belt and one way" strategy have created good opportunities for the export of oil peony related products. As long as the relevant government departments, scientific researchers and enterprises work together, seize the opportunity and persevere, oil peony related products will soon occupy the international market.


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