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How Should Peonies Be Planted in a Pot?

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How Should Peonies Be Planted?

Peony is an ornamental flower, known for their beautiful hues of pinks, reds, whites and yellows. Peonies symbolize romance, prosperity and good fortune, making them popular wedding flowers. Not only do peonies look beautiful in a garden, but they add an elegant and feminine touch as cut flowers in your house as well. Peonies are not a flower that you can plant and immediately reap the benefits. Growing peonies takes some time and patience and hopefully this post will give you a little insight into growing peonies in your garden.



How Should Peonies Be Planted?

Peony Ground Cultivation

For the peony on the ground, the most important thing is to control the gap between the plants.


Judging by plant

1. one or two years of seedling: the appropriate planting spacing is conducive to the later growth of peony. If the peony is planted too densely, the plants are difficult to grow up. If the planting is too thin, the land resources are not well used. A suitable plant spacing is 20 cm x 50 cm, and can also be set to 40 cm x 25 cm.


2. Three-year seedling: If the seedlings are planted for three years, the plants have become larger at this time, and the distance between the plants can be set to 40cm×50cm.


3. Seedlings of more than three years : If the plant is more than three years old, the plant spacing can be set to 50cm×60cm. The specific spacing can be adjusted in time according to the situation. It is necessary to consider issues such as water and fertilizer, sunlight and post-management.


Judging by purpose


1. Production area: If peony is planted in the production area, for higher yield, within the appropriate range, try to plant as dense as possible, and the spacing between plants can be set to 50cm×60cm.


2. Ornamental area: For the viewing area, the peony can not be planted too densely, and the plant spacing can be set to 100cm×100cm.



Peony Pot Cultivation

For planting potted peony, it is necessary to master reasonable breeding methods to ensure the growth of peony.


1. Flower soil: For potted peony, you need to choose the soil suitable for its growth. Fertile nutrients can help it grow better. Breathable soil allows the peony to breathe better and absorb nutrients in the soil.


2. Moisture: For potted peony, there is a higher requirement for moisture. The amount of watering should be moderate each time, but do not use hot water. Especially in the cold, some people are afraid that the peonies will be frostbitten and they will choose hot water. This is absolutely not acceptable.


3.  Pruning: potted peony needs reasonable pruning, usually in the fall. When trimming potted peony, you need to use professional knives to cut out the twigs, weak branches, unflowered branches and diseased branches, and also trim them into your favorite shape.


4. Changing the basin: When the potted peony grows gradually, the peony will become larger. Therefore, it is necessary to change the pot in the 3-4 years after the peony is planted to ensure that its roots have enough space to root.



Natural conditions for planting peony

1. Light : A common question that arises when planting peonies is, “Do Peonies need full sun or shade?” Peonies should be planted in an area that receives full sun. They should receive five to six hours of full sunlight per day. On the other hand, too much sunlight can also be harmful, so ensure they are planted in an area that gets some afternoon shade.


2. Water : While peonies are growing, it’s recommended that they receive an inch of water each week. Be sure the soil doesn’t get too much water and become waterlogged.


3. Soil: Peonies should be planted in soil that drains well and is rich in organic matter. The soil pH should be neutral. If the soil is lacking nutrients, add a slow-release organic fertilizer.


4. Location: To plant peonies in your garden, find a location that has good air circulation and gets full sun. They should be protected by strong winds and be planted away from other trees and shrubs so they don’t have to compete for food and water.

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