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Single-stem Tree Peony

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-25      Origin: Site

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Single-stem Tree Peony

The single-stem peony, also known as the arbor peony or tree peony, is a cultivated form different from the shrub-like peony.Its origin can be traced back to the single-stem purple peony in Longxi area of Gansu Province. This form of peony has gradually been accepted by the market and begun to be popular in the country.Some of the slender peony is naturally shaped, but most of it is artificially shaped.This requires multiple smoothing buds and pruning to complete.In terms of management, the fertilizing, watering, spraying and other methods of the slender peony are no different from those of the common peony.

When cultivating the slender peony, seedlings with strong top dominance, good growth and thick branches should be selected.In addition, grafting is the most commonly used method for cultivating varieties of peony, with the advantages of low cost, fast speed and high reproductive coefficient.The time of grafting is generally from early September to early October every year, when the survival rate is the highest.The rooting method is mostly used for grafting seedling, which is also called inlaid and inlaid in some regions, and is actually half splitting method.In summary, the slender peony is a kind of peony variety with unique form and high ornamental value. Through reasonable variety selection and grafting seedling technology, high-quality slender peony can be successfully cultivated.


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