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The Flower Pattern of Peony

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-18      Origin: Site

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The Flower Pattern of Peony

  There are various types of peonies, known as the king of flowers, and their flower types are classified as follows:Single petal, Lotus,Chrysanthemum,Rose,Garret Type,Hydrangea type,Golden Ring, Crown.


Flower types:

-1.Single petal type: 2-3 rounds of wide and flat petals, with 10-15 pieces.

-2.Lotus type: 4-5 rounds of wide petals, with 20-25 pieces arranged in a clear lotus-like shape and size.

-3.Crown type: Outer petals are 2-5 rounds of wide and flat shape, while middle petals gradually widen from the flower core resembling a crown.

-4.Hydrangea type: Stamens fully valved with similar shaped inner and outer valves that are crowded and bulging into a spherical shape.

-5.Chrysanthemum type: More than six rounds of similarly shaped petals arranged neatly in distinct layers that gradually decrease in size from outside to inside.

-6.Rose type: Multi-wheeled petals that gradually become smaller from outside to inside. The stamen part of the petal turns into a normal petal while the pistil degrades into smaller or petal-like structures.

-7.Gold ring type: Outer petals have two to three rounds of wide and flat shapes while the center has stamen parts turning into long narrow erect large petals. A ring of normal stamens is present between the center petal and outer petal forming a gold ring appearance.

-8.Anemone form: Outer petals have two to five rounds of neat, wide shapes while stamen parts turn into slender raised thin petals from outside to inside

-9.Garret Type:The lower flower's stamen parts resemble normal-shaped full-sized flowers' pistils or color-petals; upper flowers have slightly larger but fewer number of regular-shaped or degenerated/petalized stamens.



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