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Where are the Peonies in China?

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Where are the Peonies in China

China is the birthplace of world peony and the kingdom of world peony. Chinese peony horticultural cultivars can be divided into four peony cultivar groups according to the differences between cultivated areas and wild species, namely, central plains cultivar group, northwest cultivar group, south cultivar group and southwest cultivar group. In todays article, I would like to introduce the population structure of peony in central plains of China.


1. Historical Evolution

The cultivation history of cultivars in central plains is the longest. The main cultivation center of Chinese peony is always located in the central plains (middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River). It has become the main line of the formation of Chinese peony horticultural variety system. central plains is the birthplace of Chinese peony horticultural varieties.


Chinese Peony

2. Cultivation Distribution

Peonies from Chinese central plains are mainly distributed in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, including Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi and other provinces. The distribution centers are Heze in Shandong Province, Luoyang in Henan Province and Beijing. In fact, the cultivation and distribution of peony cultivars in the central plains are southward in Shanghai and Hangzhou, eastward in Qingdao and Yantai, westward in Lanzhou, Gansu, and northward in the south of the Great Wall. Nowadays, after overwintering against cold, it has been cultivated in open fields in Harbin, Daqing, Mudanjiang, Shangzhi and Xining, Qinghai Province, and can blossom normally. A little cold prevention can ensure safe overwintering. It can be seen that the adaptability of central plains cultivars to the environment is very strong. Overseas, it has been introduced and planted in Japan, the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, the United States, Australia, Italy, Singapore and other countries.


3. Wild Origin

The main wild species are paeomia spontanea, such as P.rockii and P.ostii which are also involved in the formation of peony varieties in central plains.


Chinese Peony

4. Main Characteristics

(1) The plant height of this cultivar group is different, generally, it is shorter than other cultivar groups. However, a few varieties of Yangshan Peony have higher plant type. The leaf shape of this cultivar changed a lot.

(2) Some cultivars in the cultivar group had dark spots or halos at the base of petals, showing the blood relationship of Peony with purple spots. Among the three wild species that formed the central plains cultivar group, only the purple peony had large dark purple spots at the base of petals, while the dwarf peony and Yangshan peony had only a slight lilac halo at the base of petals.

(3)The types of flowers are the most complete.

(4) The color of peony in central plains are various. There are white, pink, red, purple, dark purple, green, yellowish, cyan and other colors and polychrome, rich in color changes, in the four species groups, the most abundant color.

(5) There are more than 500 cultivars, and the number of them is the largest among the four cultivar groups.


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