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Why Can Our Tree Peonies still Be Transplanted in April?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-03      Origin: Site

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Why can our tree peonies still be transplanted in April?

Tomorrow is China's Qingming Festival, and we can see that the peonies in Luoyang have already bloomed first. It is generally not recommended to transplant peonies that have already bloomed, but why can our tree peonies still be transplanted in April?

Firstly, because our park is located in northwest China and the climate is relatively cold, many peonies in our peony garden have just sprouted, and some have not yet sprouted, so they can be transplanted.

Secondly, we will send peonies with soil balls for transplanting and shipping in China. In order to protect the roots of peonies, facilitate their adaptation to new environments, and facilitate their better rooting. It can greatly improve the survival rate of transplantation.

Thirdly, the Qingming Festival is the peak flowering period of the Central Plains peonies. As the "king of flowers", peonies have always had the meaning of elegance, grandeur, and national beauty. Their peak flowering period is similar to the Qingming Festival, which allows people to appreciate the splendid style of peonies while sweeping tombs and worshipping ancestors, adding a natural color and aroma to the festival.

Last, the cultivation of peonies is in line with the climate characteristics of the Qingming Festival. During the Qingming Festival, the temperature gradually warms up and spring rain continues, providing a favorable environment for the growth of peonies. Peony prefers a cool, dry and ventilated environment, and the climate characteristics of the Qingming season perfectly meet its growth needs, which is conducive to the growth of peony roots and the blooming of flowers.

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