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Why Is It Suitable To Plant Peonies in Autumn?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-14      Origin: Site

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Why is it suitable to plant peonies in autumn?

The main reasons why autumn is suitable for planting peonies are as follows:

Root growth and nutrient storage:

In autumn, the root system of peonies absorbs a large amount of nutrients and water. At this time, due to the lower temperature and large temperature difference, the branches and leaves on the ground of peonies have stopped growing or started to wither. In this way, the nutrients and water absorbed by the root system will be mainly stored in the root bark or used for growing new roots, preparing for flowering in the coming year.

Root activity and wound healing:

The root system of peonies in autumn is more active, and planting at this time is beneficial for wound healing. Even if some roots are damaged during excavation, due to the active growth period of the roots, the ground part has stopped growing, and the root wounds can heal quickly. Meanwhile, due to the low temperature and humidity in autumn, bacterial activity decreases, making root wounds less susceptible to infection and decay.

Beneficial for new root growth:

In autumn, the ground part of peonies stops growing, and the nutrients and water absorbed by the roots are not only stored, but also used to grow new roots. These new roots will become the foundation for spring root germination and promote the healthy growth of peonies.

The root system is closely integrated with the soil:

When planting peonies in autumn, due to the active growth stage of the root system and the emergence and growth of a large number of new roots, the root system can closely adhere to the soil. This tight fitting helps peonies absorb more nutrients and water in the later stage, promoting growth and flowering.

Adapt to the growth habits of peonies:

Peony prefers sunlight, is cold resistant, and drought resistant. It is suitable for growing in loose, deep, fertile, high dry, and well drained neutral sandy loam soil. Planting peonies in autumn is more in line with their growth habits, which is beneficial for their healthy growth and flowering.

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