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Do you know the planting season of tree peony?

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What is tree peony(rockii tree peony)?

As the name implies, a peony can grow into a peony tree. It is completely different from the traditional Chinese peony. Meanwhile, it  is no longer a short shrub. In order to get rid of the limitation of traditional Chinese peony plant short, limited planting range, fertile soil and temperature,  Big Tree Peony Group has been committed to studying and cultivating tree peony for 27 years.  At present, single-pole tree peony and fine grafted tree peony have been successfully cultivated. And each of them can grow into a peony tree with a height of 3-5 meters.

Do you Know the planting season of tree peony?

Tree peony is different from traditional Chinese peony. Every year, tree peony has two planting seasons, that is, March-April and September-November in China. During this period of time, the tree peony began to take root. Digging in these two seasons can make the new root take root in the customer's yard and improve the survival rate.

Every year, according to the climate change of different countries, we will provide our customers with the best time to start digging. Recently, we have started to dig and ship a large number of goods to our domestic customers in China. At present, our customers in Europe are also digging and shipping in large quantities. 

I hope every country, everybody can plant our tree peony!  I hope we can bring beauty and happiness for everybody!

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