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Introduction And Growth Habit of Peony

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-24      Origin: Site

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Introduction And Growth Habit of Peony

Peony, also known as king of flower, is a plant of Paeonia family, Paeonia genus.Originally from the Yangtze River basin and the Yellow River basin in China, it is a warm temperate zone and temperate zone suitable for flowers. 

 The growth habits of peony are as follows: 

 Growth environment: peony likes warm, cool, dry, sunny environment.It is not heat resistant, high temperature and heat are very unfavorable for its bud differentiation and root development.At the same time, it is afraid of waterlogging, and short-term waterlogging will cause serious losses. Soil: peony is suitable for high dry planting with good drainage, deep soil layer, loose and fertile soil.Neutral or slightly acidic soil, low groundwater level (pH 6.5~7.5), and soil moisture is usually 50%.

 Light and temperature: peony likes sunshine, and is resistant to half shade.Abundant sunshine is more favorable for its growth, but not resistant to the summer sun.The temperature above 25 °C will make the plant in a dormant state.The appropriate temperature for flowering is 17 - 20 °C, but it must be treated with low temperature of 1 - 10 °C for 2-3 months before flowering. 

 Cold resistance: peony is very cold resistant, can withstand the low temperature of -20 °C, but not heat resistant.The high temperature and high humidity in the south are very unfavorable for the growth of peony, so the cultivation of peony in the south needs to be given specific environmental conditions to enjoy the beautiful peony flowers. 

 In addition, its morphological characteristics are as follows: 

Stem and leaf: The stem of peony is up to 2 meters, branching short and thick.Leaf is usually two to three times compound leaf, surface green, hairless, back light green, sometimes with white powder, petiole 5-11 centimeters long, and leaf axis are hairless. 

Flower: Peony flower singly branch top, bracts 5, long oval;Sepals 5, green, wide oval, petals 5 or for double, rose, red purple, pink to white, usually very variable, obovate, the top is irregularly undulate; anther oblong, long 4 mm; disc leathery, cup-shaped, purple-red; carpel 5, densely pilose. Capsule oblong, densely yellow-brown tough hairs.Flowering May; fruiting June. 

In general, peony flowers are large, various, fancy, known as the "King of flowers".In cultivated types, mainly according to the color of the flower, can be divided into hundreds of varieties.In addition, peony flowers are embraced as the King of flowers, related culture and painting works are very rich.


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