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330 acres mountainous peony nursery, the origin of Chinese Tree Peonies.
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peony planting tips

These articles are all highly relevant peony planting tips. I believe this information can help you understand peony planting tips's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Tree Peony Care - Preventing Late Spring Cold


    To prevent peonies from being harmed by the cold of late spring, the following measures can be taken:Building wind barriers: Setting up wind barriers around peony gardens or planting areas can effectively reduce the degree of frost damage. The height and effective protection distance of wind barrier Read More
  • Tree Peony Care - Spring Watering


    Spring irrigation of peonies is one of the important measures for spring maintenance, which helps to provide sufficient water for peonies, promote their healthy growth and flowering. The following are the precautions for peony spring irrigation:1.Determine irrigation time: In early spring, when the Read More
  • Wintering Management of Peony


    1, wintering management: Peonies are generally planted in autumn, so the first year of wintering protection is more important, the main technical points are:(1) Timely pouring of winter water, and reasonable fertilization, to ensure that the winter root needs nutrition and water, the specific time i Read More
  • Introduction And Growth Habit of Peony


    Peony, also known as Kao, peony, Gu Yuhua, peony, buttercup family, peony, etc., is a plant of Paeonia family, Paeonia genus.Originally from the Yangtze River basin and the Yellow River basin in China, it is a warm temperate zone and temperate zone suitable for flowers. The growth habits of peony a Read More
  • Peony Planting Tips——How To Harvest Peony Seeds?


    How 1.Watch the color of the receptacle: After the peony flowers fade, they produce a fruit-like receptacle. Watch the color of the receptacle. When it turns red or brown, the seeds are ripe.2.Carefully peel the receptacle: Use clean gloves, or small scissors or blades, to carefully peel the recepta Read More
  • Peony Planting Tips - Watering


    1. Watering time and frequency: peony watering to master the principle of "see dry see wet", that is, after the soil surface dry watering, avoid excessive watering lead to root rot.Spring and summer is the growth of peony exuberant period, need to often keep the soil moist, generally every 3-5 days Read More
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