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Planting Techniques of Tree Peonies in Warm And Humid Areas

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-19      Origin: Site

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Planting Techniques of Tree Peonies in Warm And Humid Areas

1. Selection of planting site: Both under tree shade and in areas with sufficient sunlight are acceptable, but mainly choose areas with high terrain and good drainage to prevent water accumulation.

2. Tree hole sorting: Based on the age of the tree and the size of the soil ball, the standard positioning of the tree hole should be done well, generally larger than 1/4 of the original soil ball.

3. Soil modification: Purple spotted tree peony has a pH value below 8.2, strong soil permeability, loose soil, and high nutrient content. It grows very well in both acidic and neutral soils. So it is possible to mix sand, humus soil, and organic soil (1:1:1).

4. Application of fertilizer: The method of applying base fertilizer is adopted, using compound fertilizer or matured farmyard manure as the base fertilizer. Before planting, it is placed in the planting hole and thoroughly mixed with the soil.

5. Rooting powder treatment: Adopt the method of sprinkling rooting powder inside the tree hole or directly spraying roots (at the broken roots of the soil ball) to protect the roots and promote the regeneration of root hairs.

6. Root drainage: Two PVC pipes should be installed in opposite directions for each tree hole during planting. The first purpose is to enhance soil permeability, and the second is to prevent water accumulation (there is more rainfall in the Jiangnan region).

7. Plant pruning: Before planting, the overall pruning of the branches should be carried out. Not only should cross branches, elongated branches, and diseased and insect infested branches be pruned, but the branches should also be re pruned, retaining only the main branch. To reduce the consumption of plant nutrients.

8. Watering after planting: After planting, water thoroughly in one go to achieve soil moisture saturation and maintain soil moisture for 2 to 3 days. In addition, it is best to spray wet tree trunks twice a week during spring planting to prevent the above ground branches of the purple spotted peony from drying out, ensuring humidity and facilitating germination.


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