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Peony Planting Tips——How To Harvest Peony Seeds?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-24      Origin: Site

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Peony Planting Tips——How to harvest peony seeds?

  Peony seeds are the seeds of peony flowers, which are granular and wrapped in the fruit of peony. The fruit is five-pointed star, with a hard shell protecting the seeds.Peony seeds are generally mature in early August.Peony seeds can extract nut vegetable oil, namely peony seed oil, which has the effects of protecting cardiovascular system, regulating blood lipids, delaying aging, and anti-inflammation.In addition, the chemical composition of peony seeds includes flavonoids, steroids, fatty acids, etc., which have pharmacological functions such as antioxidants.

1.Watch the color of the receptacle: After the peony flowers fade, they produce a fruit-like receptacle. Watch the color of the receptacle. When it turns red or brown, the seeds are ripe.

2.Carefully peel the receptacle: Use clean gloves, or small scissors or blades, to carefully peel the receptacle, making sure not to damage the seeds.

3. Clean the seeds: Place the peeled receptacle in clear water and gently stir to remove any residue from the receptacle and impurities.Soak the seeds dry with absorbent paper or a towel.

4.Dry the seeds: Place the cleaned seeds in a dry, ventilated area to dry.Make sure they are completely dry to prevent mold or rot.

5.Store the seeds: Store the dried peony seeds in a dry, sealed container, such as a plastic bag, glass bottle, or sealed seed packet.Mark the container with the variety and date of the seeds.

6.Special treatment: If you want to use the seeds for oil extraction, you will need to perform additional treatments, including stacking, turning, and storage, to ensure the quality and oil yield of the seeds.


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