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Tree Peony Care - Preventing Late Spring Cold

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-02-28      Origin: Site

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Late spring cold refers to the weather phenomenon where the temperature rises rapidly in spring (usually from March to May), and the temperature is lower than normal in the later stage of spring (usually April or May). This weather phenomenon occurs in China, Japan, North Korea, India, the United States, and other places. Due to the significant fluctuations in temperature in spring and the gradual warming of the weather, people tend to overlook the cold weather. Therefore, the cold weather in late spring often has adverse effects on people's production and life, especially on agricultural production.

To prevent peonies from being harmed by the cold of late spring, the following measures can be taken:

1.Building wind barriers: Setting up wind barriers around peony gardens or planting areas can effectively reduce the degree of frost damage. The height and effective protection distance of wind barriers are generally 1:3, and multiple wind barriers can be built at certain intervals according to the size of the plot, ensuring that the side support of the wind barrier is firm.

2.Spraying protective agents: Spraying protective agents can reduce the degree of frost damage. You can choose to use 1000-1500 times brassinogen plus 800-1000 times potassium dihydrogen phosphate spray, or other proven effective protective agents for spraying protection.

3.Irrigation for anti freezing: In areas with irrigation conditions, irrigation can be used to increase soil temperature, thereby playing a role in anti freezing. When watering, it is necessary to consider the soil moisture and water quality of the plot.

4.Building arched sheds, bagging and other physical protection measures: For peonies that need to observe or cut flowers this spring, physical protection measures such as building arched sheds and bagging can be taken to reduce the damage of late spring cold to peonies.

In addition, peonies are delicate in nature, and cultivation and maintenance should achieve "five precautions", among which preventing spring cold is one of them. In addition to preventing late spring cold, attention should also be paid to preventing high temperatures and scorching sun, maintaining a suitable growth temperature, and avoiding adverse effects of high temperatures above 32 ℃ on peony growth.

In summary, various measures need to be taken to prevent the late spring cold of peonies, including building wind barriers, spraying protective agents, watering to prevent freezing, and physical protective measures. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the cultivation and maintenance of peonies, maintaining a suitable growth environment to improve their stress resistance and growth quality.


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