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Peony Digging Skills

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-29      Origin: Site

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Peony Digging Skills

1.Timely excavation: the time of peony excavation is generally in autumn, because autumn is the peak period of peony root growth, and the excavation is conducive to the recovery and growth of peony roots.At the same time, before excavation, pay attention to the weather conditions, avoid in the case of rainy days or excessive soil moisture. 

2.Site selection and cleaning: choose an open and flat place without obstacles for excavation, and clean up the surrounding weeds and garbage to keep the environment clean. 

3.Excavation method: before excavation, cut off the branches and leaves of the peony, leaving only a small number of branches and leaves.Then start from the surrounding area of the peony, dig out the soil layer until the roots are exposed.In the process of excavation, be careful to avoid damaging the roots and causing unnecessary losses. 

4.Root treatment: after digging out the roots, gently shake off the soil attached to the roots, and trim the roots, cut off the old and diseased roots, and retain healthy and vibrant roots.At the same time, for too long roots should also be trimmed, to keep the roots of an appropriate length. 

5.Packaging and transportation: after the completion of pruning, wrap the roots with straw mats or plastic film, and then tie them tightly with rope to keep the humidity of the roots and prevent damage.In the process of transportation, avoid violent vibration and extrusion to avoid damage. 

6.Planting and maintenance: Plant peonies in suitable environment, keep the soil humidity and temperature appropriate, water and fertilize in time to promote the growth and bloom of peonies. In a word, digging up peonies is a technical work, which needs to master the correct operation methods and precautions to ensure the growth and health of peonies.It is recommended to consult professionals or horticulturists for advice and guidance before digging up.


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