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Spring Management of Peony

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-26      Origin: Site

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Spring management of peony

(1) Watering

In spring, when the temperature rises and stabilizes to above zero, gradually remove the winterproofing to stretch the branches and leaves. At this time, the surface thaws, the young branches grow rapidly, such as the surface is dry, the water supply is out of touch, it will cause the new buds to wither, the old branches to die, to pour a water in time. After each watering, the soil should be loosened around the peony seedlings.

(2) Fertilization

Fertilizer is an important measure in the cultivation and management of peony. Fertilizer should be applied once in spring, generally between late March and early April, when the branches and buds grow vigorously and need a lot of nutrients to promote growth. Since the root damage of seedlings will affect the absorption of water and fertilizer, the leaf surface can be sprayed with nutrient supplements and 3% urea mixture every 7-10 days after the leaf is basically unfolded.

(3) Spring pruning

When new shoots emerge on the ground in spring, they are selectively shaved to avoid too many branches in the future, affecting the tree shape and nutrients. When the new bud grows to about 10cm, several robust, full and evenly distributed ones can be selected to remain as the main branches (commonly known as fixed stocks), and the rest are all removed. In order to make peony flowers large and beautiful, often combined with pruning for bud thinning and bud spreading work, so that each branch retains 1 bud, the remaining buds are removed, and the indefinite buds issued on the old branches are all removed, so that nutrients are concentrated and flowers are huge. In addition, in the first year to ensure the normal growth and recovery of peony plants, it is necessary to pick buds as appropriate, generally one bud. If the peony is planted in spring, all buds should be removed in the first year, so that the nutrients are sufficient to supply the tree growth.


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