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Tree Peony Care - Spring Planting

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-02-29      Origin: Site

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Specifically, it is most suitable to plant peonies between March and May in spring. At this point, the soil begins to warm up and the temperature is suitable, which is beneficial for the seedling and growth development of peonies. In addition, September to October in autumn is also a good time to plant peonies. Choosing cooler weather for planting during this time period can help peonies grow vigorously in the spring of the following year, preparing them for the flowering season of the following year.The following are some suggestions and precautions:

Transplantation time: Choose the early spring stage, when the peony has not yet begun to grow vigorously, and the damage caused by transplantation will be reduced. The specific time is around February to March.

Choose peony seedlings: The transplanted peony seedlings must be robust, have developed roots, and strong sprouting ability. Only after planting such peony seedlings can they adapt to the new environment more quickly and recover their growth.

lExcavation with soil: Due to the higher risk of transplanting peonies in spring, it is necessary to excavate with soil masses to better protect the roots, avoid damage and severe water loss. The size of the soil mass should be determined based on the size of the peony seedlings.

Transplantation into soil: Choose a well lit, soft soil, and flat terrain for transplantation. When digging a pit, consideration should be given to the size of the peony's root system to ensure that the roots can naturally expand after the seedlings are placed. Then fill the roots with soil and gently compact the soil.

Post maintenance: After transplanting, water should be poured thoroughly immediately, that is, fixed root water, to ensure that both the seedlings and the soil are moist, so that the roots and soil can closely combine and improve the survival rate. Post maintenance requires providing a warm and well ventilated environment, and regularly watering and fertilizing to ensure the healthy growth of peony seedlings.

It should be noted that although peonies can be transplanted in spring, the survival rate may be lower than that in autumn. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is best to transplant in autumn (September October), so that peony seedlings can better adapt to the new environment and have a higher survival rate.

In addition, during the transplanting process, attention should be paid to avoiding breaking the root system, and special care should be taken during loading, unloading, and planting. If the planting area has a high salt alkali content, it is necessary to replace the soil or add an appropriate amount of ferrous sulfate for improvement. In particularly cold weather, it is necessary to build a small greenhouse with plastic film for insulation. After the peonies sprout, they should be ventilated first, gradually removed from the greenhouse, and then the soil cover should be removed to allow them to grow normally.

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