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​Do You Know How To Plant Tree Peony Root?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-11      Origin: Site

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Do you know how to plant tree peony root?

Paeonia rockii, or Rock's peony, is a woody species of tree peony that was named after Joseph Rock. It is one of several species given the vernacular name tree peony, and is native to the mountains of Gansu and adjoining provinces in China. In Chinese, it is known as 紫斑牡丹 (pinyin: zǐbān mǔdān).


Whether you are growing tree peonies or  herbaceous peonies, planting peonies at the correct depth will ensure masses of beautiful blooms for many years to come.

Prepare soil: Tree Peony prefers to grow in loose, fertile, and breathable sandy soil, and cannot grow in sticky soil. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such soil and carry out appropriate sorting.

Pruning and disinfection: Newly purchased tree peony roots cannot be directly planted and need to be pruned and disinfected first. Use disinfected sharp scissors to cut off the rotten, weak, and old roots on the tree peony roots, preserving healthy tree peony roots. Then, dissolve carbendazim in water to make a bactericidal solution. Soak the tree peony roots in the solution for disinfection, soak for about half an hour, then remove them and let them dry on the side.

Planting peonies: Dig small pits in the soil, dip the peony roots in rooting powder, and then plant them in the pits. Cover the soil and cover the roots, gently compact to ensure that the soil and roots fully adhere without any gaps. Afterwards, water to moisturize and promote rooting.

Post management: Tree Peony flowers prefer light, but do not see strong light after planting. Wait for stable growth before gradually increasing the amount of light. The temperature should be maintained at around 16 to 25 degrees Celsius to ensure reasonable application of water and fertilizer. Especially for fertilization, the frequency of regular fertilization after planting should be controlled at three times a year. Applied for the first time before the flowering period, effectively promoting plant flowering; For the second time, in the second half month after the flowering period, supplement the nutrients consumed by the plant during the flowering period; Apply for the third time before winter to ensure that the plant has sufficient nutrients to survive the winter. In addition, in spring, it is necessary to prune the branches that are underdeveloped and have not produced flower buds to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients. Diluted Bordeaux solution needs to be sprayed on the leaves of plants every month to prevent and control pests and diseases.


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