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How To Cultivate Single-stem Peony?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-25      Origin: Site

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How To Cultivate Single-stem Peony?

Single-stem tree peony is a type of tree peony. It is different from the cultivation form of shrub peony. Most of them are artificially shaped, wiped buds, and trimmed other redundant branches and buds to improve the ornamental value. After originating from Gansu, China, it was gradually recognized by the market and became popular across the country.

1. Sowing seedling: the sowing time is generally around early September, the seedling ground should be selected sandy loam, avoid low-lying or saline-alkali land, and apply sufficient base fertilizer. Sowing can be used in multiple rows or in the border sowing, 1 hectare with seeds about 150kg, after sowing, with wet fine soil cover about 2~3cm thick.

2. Transplanting: After 2 years of growth, transplanting in the third year, the plant spacing is 30~40cm, and the row spacing is 40~50cm. When transplanting in autumn, if it is a cluster of branches, leave the stronger main branches as the trunk, and cut the rest.

3. Fertilization: Fertilizer should be applied 3 times a year. The first time, after the soil defrosting in early spring, organic nitrogen fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer were applied to meet the growth of branches and leaves and the rapid development of flower buds after germination. In the second year, after the flowers faded, the quick-acting compound fertilizer was applied to fully supplement the nutrients in the plant. The third time before the winter, apply the decomposed compost or manure to facilitate the safety of the winter, and provide nutrients for the budding growth of the following spring.

4. Shaping and pruning: After the tree peony is planted, many new buds will sprout at the root neck. In the spring of the second year, when the new bud grows to about 10cm, remove the base bud of the trunk, concentrate water and nutrients, promote the development of the upper branches, and form an ideal tree.

5. Maintenance and management: Peony seedlings grow fast, grow long branches, consume more nutrients, evaporation, growth period to have sufficient water and fertilizer supply, in order to grow well. It is necessary to weed frequently and apply fertilizer in a timely and appropriate manner to make the peony branches stout, full buds and multiple new branches on the trunk.

This is the cultivation process of the single tree peony. It should be noted that each step has certain skills and requirements, and a certain amount of professional knowledge and experience is required to successfully cultivate high-quality single tree peonies.


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